I absolutely agree with Emma Page, an English teacher, who says that “to provide top quality education for our learners”… we should “keep up-to-date with the latest materials and theories”. For me professional development is essential, that is why I try to be constantly on the move to perfect my English.

It is obvious that there is no universal or ideal way of learning a foreign language. If you ask me, the surest way of professional advancement for a teacher of English is studying at a language school in England. But it is not only the classes and communication with native speakers that raise your linguistic awareness; it is also the environment itself. Even genuine signs – short authentic texts – could help expand your vocabulary and grammar, develop your reading skills and, what is more, reinforce your sociocultural competence.

Here are some signs I collected in Paignton (SW England, Devon) in 2011. I make use of them in the classroom as a source of speaking activities and mainly to prepare my students for real life situations.